Japan’s Push for Generics Drugs Faces Setbacks

Japan aims for an 80% market share in generic drugs, seeking affordable medical alternatives for its citizens. However, manufacturing scandals, GMP violations, and penalizations have caused supply shortages.
October 3, 2023
Yap Inc

A Journey of Triumphs and Trials

🅹🅰🅿🅰🅽 ‘s Push for Generic Drugs Faces Setbacks: Bridging the Gaps and Offering Solutions 💊🗾 YAP Inc.

In an ambitious drive, Japan has been fervently advocating for generic drugs to secure an 80% market share by volume. The intent is noble – to provide affordable alternatives to brand-name medicines to its citizens. But, the journey has been fraught with complexities.

Manufacturing Scandals Lead to Shortages

Recent manufacturing scandals have put a strain on this initiative. With producers zealously trying to meet the escalating demand, the market is now witnessing shortages. One of the primary reasons exacerbating this situation is the violations of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Around 70% of the current shortages are caused by violations of this system, most of which were discovered in 2020.

Within a span of just two years, several generic-drug manufacturers have been penalized. These punitive measures spotlight the growing concerns in Japan’s pharmaceutical realm. The repercussions were not limited to halting plant operations; they stymied the shipment of a plethora of medicines as well.

Subsequent to these suspensions, the Japan Generic Medicines Association took the onus upon themselves to inspect their member firms. The findings were unsettling, revealing that an overwhelming majority, 31 out of 38 members, had manufacturing processes that hadn’t secured government approval.

Japan’s Healthcare: A Mixed Bag

Japan’s healthcare system, set in place since 1961, is revered globally. It promises and delivers basic care, coupled with the liberty to select doctors, without burning a hole in the citizens’ pockets.

Adding another layer of complexity is Japan’s demographic composition – an aging populace and dwindling birthrate. This has financially strained the medical system. Reacting to these challenges, the Government of Japan has been proactive in curbing national healthcare expenses through policy changes.

Yap Inc: Bridging Gaps and Offering Solutions

In these turbulent times, startups like Yap Inc are emerging as saviors. They pave the way for foreign pharmaceutical companies to make inroads into Japan, ensuring cost-effectiveness and swift execution. With a singular contact point and amalgamated commercial solutions, Yap Inc, with its pioneering spirit and extensive industry know-how, is revolutionizing the landscape.

The trio at its helm – Masaya YamamotoTomoya Sasaki, and Jumpei Fuse – provide a gamut of services, spanning from distribution management to marketing, promotion, and logistics. Their expertise is invaluable for those eyeing a seamless entry into Japan’s healthcare market.


As Japan grapples with internal challenges and external pressures, the fusion of governmental intent, startup innovation, and rigorous adherence to quality standards will determine the future of its healthcare landscape.
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