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Camilo is devoted to helping entrepreneurs and innovators with mission-driven startups navigate a complex business environment.  He’s not just building businesses; he’s shaping dreams, molding strategies, and fueling aspirations. He stands alongside both day zero startups and Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Japan, to help propel startups towards greater more sustainable growth, including developing go-to-market strategies, business development, product shaping, and supporting fundraising efforts. An entrepreneur himself, Camilo understands the value of a strong community in business who can bring new perspectives and innovative solutions to the table to solve complex problems.

US Federal Government

Before founding Aggregate Dēta, Camilo served as CIO for the VA’s Office of Information & Technology. He managed a $4.5bn tech budget, overseeing 1,298 healthcare facilities with 16,000 tech professionals. His leadership aimed for operational excellence and superior digital user experiences. He transformed the VA’s IT sector, supporting 380,000 employees and aiding 9 million veterans. In addition, Camilo was appointed by the White House as the nation’s 3rd Chief Information Security Officer. As the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) principal advisor on cyber strategy and AI, he chaired key councils and coordinated with agencies like DOD, Homeland Security, and the NSC on national security concerns. Additionally, Camilo was appointed as the Senior White House Advisor for the US Department of the Treasury and led the Presidential Transition Team, aiding the 77th Treasury Secretary’s confirmation and the initial policy agenda’s execution during the administrations critical first 100 days in office.


Camilo began his investment banking experience on Wall Street after completing his MBA where he joined the healthcare group at Banc of America Securities and later Bank of America Merrill Lynch. His experience includes more than two decades at leading financial and technology companies, including at American Express, American Airlines, MCI, and Fiserv. In addition, he is known for building results-oriented teams and translating complex senior level challenges into technology-based and data-driven solutions.


Camilo served honorably in the United States Air Force and National Security Agency as a signals intelligence analyst, including four years based abroad in Japan.
Aggregate Dēta

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